Virtual Tour of Hidden Lake Landfill Site in Sioux Lookout

Click on the link below to take a virtual tour of the Sioux Lookout Hidden Lake Landfill. Best to use Internet Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and some versions of Explorer. You can visit their website for more information on site operations and hours: Hidden Lake Landfill Site - Sioux Lookout.

Take the tour
(opens in new window)


Please be patient, it may be slow to load and you may have to refresh/reload the page.

Once loaded, you can use your mouse (click and hold) to move around the facility.

To get back to the main view, click the ‘back’ banner; you may have to scroll around to find it though!
For each area of the Landfill there are icons you can click on to get a better look or hear more information.

We suggest starting your tour by clicking on the top right sun on the main screen. You will get lots of information from Andrew Jewell (Public Works Manager at the time).

Then move down to the entrance (bottom right icon) to visit the weigh scale and administration building.

At each location there are several views and clips to listen to & learn more about:

  • Electronic waste
  • Used tires
  • Yard & clean wood waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Hazardous waste & waste oil
  • Landfill waste cell
  • Contaminant attenuation zone & groundwater monitoring wells