Virtual Tour of Mississauga First Nation Waste Transfer Site

Click on the link below to take a virtual tour of the MFN WTS. Best to use Internet Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and some versions of Explorer.

Take the tour now
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Please be patient, it may be slow to load and you may have to refresh/reload the page.

Once loaded, you can use your mouse (click and hold) to move around the facility.

For each area of the WTS there are banners you can click on to get a better look or hear more information.
To get back to the main view, click the ‘back’ banner; you may have to scroll around to find it though!
We suggest starting your tour by watching the video of Chief Niganobe. The MFN WTS was opened in 2018 after the landfill closed in 2013. You can learn more from Peyton Pitawanakwat, MFN Environment Department, about the old landfill site by clicking on the ‘old green space banner’.
Next have a listen to Bea Rodh, Waste Coordinator for Mamaweswen Tribal Council, give a short introduction about the Transfer Station operations. In the background you will see the small operations building where the site attendant has an office, storage space for equipment, and adjacent covered storage sheds for batteries, household hazardous wastes, and an area for reusable/sharable items.

The blue dumpsters lined up are for both household garbage and recycling. Behind the dumpsters you can see vehicles drive up the ramp for offloading larger waste items, like mattresses, into bigger open bins.

Over by the greenspace, there are separate areas for scrap wood / construction waste, electronics, appliances, scrap metal, and tires.