Modernization of the Mining Act Phase #3

Presented by:
Mike Grant, MNDM

An information session (update) presented by MNDM staff, followed with a question and answer period.
MNDM has been notifying the region of Phase III of the Mining Act Modernization (MAM), which will include an on-line data and staking system. Seven other Canadian provinces have already adopted similar systems to make claim staking easier and less invasive; it will also allow for assessment dollars to be spent on ground work rather than on mobilization costs for staking.
While the system is in transition, existing claim boundaries may be updated using GPS tools, which provides opportunities for claim holders and local land users. To date, there have been some information sessions delivered regionally, which have generated feedback and questions for MNDM to consider.
The NOFNEC event will provide an ideal forum to continue the dialogue between the Ministry and the FN communities on what the system can incorporate, to work beneficially for all.