Safe Drinking Water - Lessons from Outbreaks

Presented by:
Paul Otis, Bimose Tribal Council & Leona Cunningham, Walkerton Clean Water Agency

This workshop will begin with highlighting Bimose Tribal Council’s partnership with Walkerton Clean Water Center-WCWC in building capacity and economic development for First Nations though training and proposals relating to water. From this introduction, a preview presentation of WCWC’s "Safe Drinking Water – Lessons from Outbreaks" course will be delivered featuring the Walkerton and North Battleford, Saskatchewan water tragedies. Past and potential First Nation crises in water (Kashechewan) will be compared to those in Walkerton and N. Battleford. Lessons learned in this workshop will be applied and compared to the results and risks identified from the "National First Nation Water & Wastewater Assessment-Burnside 2011" raising the question: Is safe drinking water sustainable in First Nation communities?