Waste Diversion

Presented by:
Abel Wapachee, Moose Cree First Nation & Cheryl Recollet, Wahanpitae First Nation

Delegates will learn about the importance of diverting waste from the community landfill such as electronics, recyclables, white goods, scrap metal, tires, and hazardous waste. Provincial programs available through Waste Diversion Ontario will be discussed and two case studies will be presented: 1) Cheryl Recollet will present on Wahnapitae First Nation’s Waste Diversion Strategy, highlighting WFN’s recycling program, WDO datacall submission, developing realistic goals and objectives, encouraging active community participation through the use of promotion and education materials, community waste diversion regulations, provincial stewardship programs and improved waste diversion site management; 2) Abel Wapachee will talk about Moose Cree First Nation’s success in diverting electronics, appliances, metal, steel, vehicles, and tires out of their community and challenges faced during these initiatives.